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Motorway Zagreb - Macelj is part of the motorway network in Republic of Croatia, located in European traffic corridor Xa and Pyhrn motorway (Nürnberg - Graz- Maribor - Zagreb), connecting Croatian motorways with European motorway network.

It is one of the best connection for Middle and North Europe countries with countries in South and South - East Europe and Adriatic sea.

Motorway Zagreb - Macelj has symbol E59 within European motorway network and A2 in Croatian motorway network.

Total motorway length is 59,2 km, it starts on the interchange Jankomir on the motorway Bregana - Zagreb - Lipovac, and ends on Macelj, at the international border crossing with the Republic of Slovenia.

“Closed” toll payment system has been established on the motorway with two frontal toll stations and four toll stations at the motorway interchanges.

Motorway passes through Zagreb county and Krapina - Zagorje county.

Company Autocesta Zagreb – Macelj Ltd. has been  established on 27th March 2003, by the Government decision, to finance, build, operate and maintain the motorway Zagreb - Macelj (further in text: Company).

According to the Concession agreement signed on 11th  July 2003 between Republic of Croatia (as Grantor) and Company (as Concessionaire). Company has acquired exclusively right to develop, design, finance, build, operate and maintain the motorway and all facilities, existing motorway and existing  facilities in the period of 28 years ie. up to 2032. By the Operation and Maintenance Agreement dd. 29th June 2004, Autocesta Zagreb - Macelj d.o.o. entrusted operation of the motorway to Egis Road Operation Croatia d.o.o.

In the short period from the foundation Company was partly privatized according to the model of PPP (Public Private Partnership) where:

  • Republic of Croatia has  49% and
  • Pyhrn Concession Holding GmbH has 51% shares.

Initial equity was EUR 60 Mil and on 2008 after refinancing it was decreased on EUR 12 Mil.