Access to Information Act

Right to access information owned by AZM Ltd.


On the basis of Right to Access Information Act, information which are owned, on disposal or under supervision by public authority, has to be accessible to every physical and legal person requiring access to these information.

Users which have the right to access information can send request, via e mail:, or via regular mail on the office address or by fax No. ++ 385 1 3689 620, or verbally by telephone or other telecomunication device.

Written request contains: name and seat address of public authority body; important data for information recogniction; name, suraname and address of physical person; company that is legal person's name and seat.

User of right to access information pays all real material costs which occurs providing information according to the fee amount  including VAT and delivery costs as well determined by cl. 2 of the Criteria for fee determination from cl. 19 paragraph 3 of the Access Information Act.